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Trump looks to screw veterans

by Dan Burns on June 8, 2017 · 2 comments

veteransMuch has been made of the fact that the Trump budget proposes an overall increase in Veterans Administration funding. What’s not emphasized enough is that much of that added money is for starting to turn VA health care over to the greedheads via privatization. Here’s a reality check, from a source that can hardly be termed “left-wing.”

The plan to cut financial support for aging and disabled veterans included in President Donald Trump’s $1.1 trillion federal budget proposal has led to bitterness and confusion among the estimated 225,000 vets who could lose the payments.
The reductions may also trigger a political backlash against the president, who made reforming and increasing support for the Department of Veterans Affairs a major part of his campaign against Hillary Clinton…
The comments came from a flurry of emails from veterans and spouses to in response to a story last week about the proposal in the White House budget plan to cut the Individual Unemployability (IU) benefit in part to pay for an expansion of the Choice program, which allows veterans to seek health care in the private sector.
Veterans service organizations have also been flooded with calls and emails voicing concerns about the budget proposals and potential cuts to IU benefits.

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From Mac Hall:Some good news … and I gotta give some thanks to Collin Peterson and the 56 other bipartisan Members who wrote to VA Secretary Shulkin about proposed budget cuts to end Individual Unemployment program which provides unemployment benefits to more than 200,000 disabled senior veterans with a 60 to 100 percent disability rating.
Today, the word is that the White House is backing off that cut … what is still not certain is if they will still push to “round down” any COLA adjustments for veterans — that could save $20 million in 2018.
From Mac Hall: Screwing veterans is not reserved just for the Trump White House as Tom Emmer sponsored while Jason Lewis and Erik Paulsen enthusiastically voted in support of HR10 the Financial CHOICE Act.
The Financial CHOICE Act removes the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s ability to regulate small-dollar loans, like payday loans, despite evidence of pervasive predatory practices focused on service members. This alarmed numerous national veterans and active duty service organizations, prompting the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) to recommend a NO vote on the Emmer/Lewis/Paulsen bill.

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