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Trump voters got well and truly suckered, Part 14

by Dan Burns on February 16, 2017

trump8It’s readily apparent that the GOP discombobulating over how to accomplish its fervent promises of Obamacare repeal is being driven mostly by pressure from the medical-industrial complex. The latter basically wrote the ACA for themselves, after all, in an effort to stem any drive toward Medicare for all, which has strong public support. But that doesn’t mean anyone benefiting from Obamacare, and many are, should be feeling confident that it will stay that way.

The Trump administration, with Obamacare-hater Tom Price now ensconced at the head of Health and Human Services, is proposing a rule that they say would stabilize Obamacare markets. The proposed rules aren’t exactly the draft rules leaked last week, but are easily as damaging. These new regulations would allow insurance companies to sell plans with higher deductibles and narrower networks and reduce the subsidies that low- and middle-income families get to purchase insurance. Yes, higher out-of-pocket costs and less help buying insurance. For the people that have the hardest time affording insurance and medical care.
(Daily Kos)

Here is analysis of what ACA repeal would cost each state, including Minnesota, in coverage and jobs.

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