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Trump voters got well and truly suckered, Part 18

by Dan Burns on March 1, 2017

trump13Not a surprise.

Donald Trump has completed his first ever speech to Congress as President. And almost every major claim made in it appeared to be false.
He appeared to wrongly claim that he was responsible for a vast reduction in the price of the F-35 jet, as well as falsely characterizing a report into the problems of immigration.
The President’s speech made contested claims about the value of immigration, his success in office, his plans for tax reform, and healthcare coverage.

In college I took a semi-advanced math class, sophomore year. On the first exam there was one of those crazy-hard questions at the end, designed to separate the “A’s” from the “A-‘s,” I suppose. I was about out of time anyway, and rather than make an effort I just scrawled “I don’t know.” When the exam was graded, while I had done OK on the rest of it, in response to my silly remark the professor wrote “There is no bliss in ignorance. Only ignorance.” I don’t remember how to do integrals of infinite series and whatever else got done in that class, but I do remember that.

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