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Trump voters got well and truly suckered, Part 27

by Dan Burns on March 31, 2017 · 1 comment

trump13Nice start to the “Trump boom.”

Well, that didn’t take long. People around the world have taken a look at Donald Trump and decided his America is not a place they want to visit. The result has been labeled the “Trump Slump,” a drop in international tourism that’s predicted to cost the United States more than $7 billion. Experts across the travel industry have sounded the alarm that the Trump presidency, already destructive on so many fronts, may also do serious financial damage to the country’s $250 billion tourism sector…
The numbers offer evidence that Trump has turned off potential visitors from around the world. The resounding message of Trump’s “America First” stance, his obsession with the Mexico border wall, his anti-immigrant and anti-refugee policies, his Muslim ban, and his rudeness to longstanding allies is that America is inhospitable to foreigners. Predictably, international travelers are opting to stay away—and that includes the European ones that Trump and his supporters are totally cool with.

Comment below fold.

From Mac Hall: Quit being so judgemental … how could you not mention that Tom Emmer got another co-sponsor — his first in two months — for H.R.534 – U.S. Wants to Compete for a World Expo Act.
You know that piece of legislation so that taxpayers can pay back dues so that Minnesota can seek a World’s Fair in 2023. Of course, there is no guarantee that Minnesota will get it … and we know that this would be the highlight of Trump’s second term.
Now, everyone please say after me : Trump is the greatest President ever and Tom Emmer is the greatest Congressman ever. (Sorry Erik Paulsen but you were not smart enough to realize the potential of a World’s Fair.)

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