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Trump voters got well and truly suckered, Part 34

by Dan Burns on April 26, 2017 · 1 comment

trump16Incompetent and delusional.

First, of course, is the fact that Trump’s own businesses don’t come close to fulfilling his big “Buy American, Hire American” talk. The Washington, D.C., hotel that opened while he was out campaigning on making America great again is filled with imported products. He used Chinese steel in recent construction projects. Ivanka Trump-branded clothes continue to be made in China. Eric Trump’s winery has applied for dozens of guestworker visas since November’s election.
The fact that Trump talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk in his business life isn’t the only problem here, though. Take his pledge to crack down on H-1B visas…
(Daily Kos)

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From Mac Hall: Suggested reading retail job losses … the list does not include Gander Mountain which is closing 32 stores including 3 in Minnesota … plus in some deep red states like Alabama and Texas. What does it say when selling guns and ammo isn’t enough to keep these stores open ?
In a report published earlier this month, Credit Suisse analysts said the big four sportsman superstore operators together have lost steam. Credit Suisse forecast growth of below 10 percent this year. That follows several years when the superstore chains posted growth rates of more than 20 percent.
These job losses will make workers uneasy … which should be a major concern for Erik Paulsen/Jason Lewis as many of the job losses will impact women (BLS reports that 75% of clothing stores and 60% of department store workers are women) … they will see their healthcare costs going up with TrumpCare. It will be interesting to see how Lewis explains the change in the number of workers participating in the workforce … he has complained last year that a 62.9% labor force participation rate of 62.9% had to be corrected … the first months under Trump has barely moved it to 63.0%.
Funny thing is that today, I heard two commercials on the radio calling for job fairs … the one was from a local precision parts manufacturer — hiring second shift with wages starting at $15 for a physical job … the other was for Wal*Mart’s distribution center — starting wages at $17.
The retail industry is going through major changes … with more online-shopping purchases being delivered directly to your home. Go to your local grocery store where your loyalty card has preloaded sales discounts and automatic check-outs will lead to more job losses.

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