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Trump voters got well and truly suckered, Part 37

by Dan Burns on May 1, 2017

trump18What with everything else that’s been going on, people shouldn’t forget that Pr*sident Trump’s #1 priority will always be to use the presidency to try to make himself the richest man of all time.

Since Trump took office, he has provided countless demonstrations of the insatiable avarice he proudly advertised. The president has shamelessly refused to put any meaningful distance between himself and his globe-spanning business interests, while directing millions of public dollars into the coffers of his own properties, and using his bully pulpit to promote his daughter’s fashion line.
But all that tasteless, unprecedented, norm-shattering stuff is small potatoes. For Donald Trump, the real payday lies in simply passing a personally tailored version of the Republican Party’s regressive agenda.
On Wednesday, the president unveiled his plan for “reforming” the corporate tax code. And the cornerstone of that proposal is a giant tax cut for corporations — and an even bigger one for businesses like his own.
(New York Magazine)

(The quote in the image is genuine. Huffington Post asked a number of public figures to briefly summarize Trump’s first hundred days.)

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