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Trump voters got well and truly suckered, Part 41

by Dan Burns on May 10, 2017

trump18The people that Trump voters put in charge really are apparently completely and utterly just g*d-damned pathetically stupid.

I think we can finally be rid of the notion that the Trump administration is staffed with savvy geniuses, because the savvy geniuses apparently were caught off-guard by the backlash unleashed in the media, the public, and among lawmakers over Trump firing the man in charge of investigating potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence services.
They seem to have strategized themselves into thinking that since most Democrats were still angry over Comey’s shameful handling of the Clinton “email” investigation, everyone would just brush aside the firing of a man who is currently investigating whether Donald Trump’s team secured the White House with the help of foreign agents. They … they can’t be that dumb, and yet…
(Daily Kos)

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