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Trump voters got well and truly suckered, Part 46

by Dan Burns on May 30, 2017 · 1 comment

trump19A matter of fundamental significance, indeed.

Budget proposal targets people who put Trump in power
Can America be great and mean to its most vulnerable at the same time?
This is a philosophical question whose answer has changed over the course of this century. In the race to alleviate the suffering of the largest taxpayers, politicians have pledged to protect the most vulnerable. It would have been political suicide to do otherwise.
That is no longer the case; quite the opposite, actually.
This is a seismic political shift lost in the drama and theater of daily political news.
(MPR NewsCut)

Comment below fold.

From Mac Hall: Good story of the changing view of Trump supporters can be illustrated by Kraig Moss. “He promised me, in honor of my son, that he was going to combat the ongoing heroin epidemic. He got me hook, line and sinker.”
Moss, an amateur musician, quickly sold enough possessions to fund a months-long tour of more than 40 Trump rallies, where he serenaded voters with pro-Trump songs. His guitar, and the ashes of his late 24-year-old son, Rob, were always close by.
Now, the Trump Budget is out and the White House is proposing cutting the budget for the Office of National Drug Control Policy by 95 percent—a reduction in funds akin to effective elimination.
The ONDCP runs two programs that form the backbone of many of the opioid-related efforts at the local level—the Drug-Free Communities Support Program and the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program. These initiatives provide funding, resources and guidance to local government entities on a wide range of drug-related issues.
So, the programs still are needed … but it may be the States that will be forced to fund them.
That is in essence the GOP / Trump strategy … not eliminate programs just reduce the federal funds … most likely by using “block grants” and let the individual State decide … that’s the RyanCare plan for healthcare … and the DeVos plan for education.
IMO, Democrats should ignore the Russia stories and focus on the Trump budget … especially when Jason Lewis so proudly praises Budget chief Mulvaney (who readers should know that during Senate hearings stated that the HouseGOP target of cutting $800 billion in Medicaid through AHCA, is just one step as the TrumpBudget is looking at total Medicaid cuts up to $1.4 Trillion.

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