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Trump voters got well and truly suckered, Part 49

by Dan Burns on June 9, 2017

trump15Yeah, there are still plenty of hurdles, like trying to reconcile whatever the Senate pukes up with anything crazy enough to satisfy the House Freedom Caucus. But my belief is that some kind of Obamacare repeal is more likely than not. Hopefully I’m wrong.

And even if you don’t use Medicaid, taking it away from 14 million people, as this bill will do, is going to devastate small communities, where Medicaid is a lifeline for rural health facilities and a source of good jobs. Rationing it will throw rural hospitals and nursing homes into a financial tailspin.
It will toss kids and their parents off coverage. It will pull the rug out from seniors and people with disabilities who live independently thanks to Medicaid. It will take dollars from the Indian Health Service when IHS is already woefully underfunded.
The politicians who support the Republican health care repeal know that many of us are outraged, so they’re swearing up and down that it won’t hurt ordinary people at all. That’s a lie, plain and simple.

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