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Trump voters got well and truly suckered, Part 54

by Dan Burns on June 28, 2017

trump17The cold, hard reality on the ground.

In a move that appears to negate President Donald Trump’s numerous vows to fight for American workers at risk of losing their jobs due to corporate outsourcing and layoffs, Boeing told CNN on Thursday that around 200 workers based in South Carolina would be fired in an effort to cut costs.
The layoffs, according to reports, will come from several factories throughout the state, including one Trump visited just a few months ago.
“The South Carolina plant was Trump’s first company visit outside the Beltway after he became president,” the Washington Post noted…
The news comes just as Carrier, another company Trump has frequently criticized for outsourcing, is set to send 600 of its Indianapolis factory jobs to Mexico, a move many view as a direct refutation to Trump’s boasts and a betrayal of his promises.
(Common Dreams)

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