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Trump’s Ban: a bad thing, probably an illegal thing, and not making us safer

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Trump’s Ban: a bad thing, probably an illegal thing, and not making us safer

by Dog Gone on March 7, 2017

The new and UNimproved travel ban that targets Muslims tries to justify the need for national security with the claim that there are 300 investigations into refugees.  The Trump administration ban is horrible, it panders to fear but provides no benefits.

Not convictions. Not even prosecutions. “Investigations”. Let me be clear, investigations clear people as much or more than investigations lead to . Investigations into crimes or terrorism look at a lot of people, many who are guilty of nothing as a process of elimination.  And 300 investigations, not prosecutions, not convictions, in the overall number of refugees, from these countries, is a ridiculously small number that in no way justifies this kind of ban. And the existence of investigations should not impress a court, because the existence of investigations proves nothing and should carry no weight in court.

Taking a look at just a few of the Islamo-terrorism crimes, in no particular order, that people think about when Muslims are used by bigots to make people fearful, 9/11 was committed by Saudis Saudi Arabia is not on this list of banned countries.  The Pulse Nightclub shooting, in Orlando was committed by an Afghan-American who was born in the US; Afghanistan is not on the list of banned travel.  The San Bernadino shooting in California, the shooter was a Pakistani-American, born here, and his wife, born in Pakistan; Pakistan is not on the banned refugee list.  The Boston Marathon bombing, one of the brothers was born in the USSR, the other in Kyrgistan, although they identified as Chechen-American.  The USSR which became Russia and includes Chechnya, and Kyrgistan are not on the list of banned countries.  All of the shooters, other than 9/11 terrorists, were Americans either born here or living here for some time or born here.  All except the 9/11 terrorists became radicalized HERE, and NONE of those countries in their background in any way ARE ON THE MUSLIM BAN LIST.


In a separate piece of news, we learned today that apparently one of those who is being investigated, or at least having his right to travel reviewed, is Khazr Khan, the father of the Muslim soldier who gave his life to protect this country. Kahn and his wife spoke out during Hillary Clinton’s campaign, parents who were subsequently shamefully vilified by Trump and his campaign. There is no evidence of any legitimate reason Khan should be singled out for this ‘review’ or investigation, other than a politicized attack by Trump on this patriotic American citizen.

Since some 50,000 refugees entered this country just last year alone, and we have been taking in refugees since long before the Obama administration — so what? What is the REAL significance of this vague assertion (another one without evidence)? The biological father of Steve Jobs came here as a Syrian political refugee back in the mid 1950’s.
So who are these suspect refugees? Absent any other information as to how long they have been here, what screening they underwent in order to arrive here and in particular the information we have from Homeland Security that national origin is no predictor of terrorism and that most terrorists are radicalized AFTER arriving here, that assertion by the spectacularly less than honest Trump administration to justify, or attempt to justify, the anti-Muslm ban (and that is still what it is) is worse than meaningless.
I predict that this ban will fail for exactly the same reasons as the previous executive order — because it is malicious, bigoted and incompetent, and in no way does what it claims to do. So far the reality is that ZERO refugees from any of the remaining six countries have committed terrorist acts against the United States on US soil. And if actual terrorism is the standard, then we should be banning refugees and immigrants and visa seekers from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Chechnya, among others, and not from the countries Trump has singled out for apparently unfounded persecution. We are not safer in the US because of bans like this, we are under greater fascism and authoritarianism. We are afflicted by official bigotry and hate and intolerance and ignorance. THAT is dangerous. That is UN-American.

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