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Vile deformer scum target Minnesota teachers

by Dan Burns on April 18, 2016

abandoned2Yeah, I rarely adorn my posts with titles like that. I’m generally more about just passing along information, and letting other people, who are better bloggers than me anyway, do the righteous hyperbole. But this one is worthy.

A group of parents backed by a national nonprofit say Minnesota’s teacher tenure laws perpetuate the state’s academic achievement gap between white students and students of color.
The group on Thursday filed a lawsuit that challenges Minnesota laws that make it more difficult to fire teachers once they’ve been employed for more than three years. The suit was filed in Ramsey County district court…
The state teachers’ union president Denise Specht said in a statement that the contested laws “protect teachers from discrimination and arbitrary punishment, including for speaking out about the learning conditions in their schools.”
Specht said the laws “explicitly do not protect ineffective teachers.”

I did a bunch of blogging recently about efforts to destroy public education, and replace it with rote-learning mills to be strip-mined for profit. In the longer term, the intent is also to take control of curricula, and imbue young people with the purported glories of continued plutocratic, warmongering rule. That’s the right wing’s only chance, really, in the longer term, because young voters certainly aren’t buying that odious, failed, corrupt, reactionary crap, now.

This sort of thing has been SOP for conservatives often, when they can’t get their contemptible agenda in place through fair, democratic means. Manipulate one or more gullible, if well-meaning (maybe) people into being plaintiffs. Shop for a right-wing judge who will give you what you want. And go from there, given that you’ll have absolutely all the money you’ll need from the likes of the Waltons and the Kochs.

A great Minnesota education blogger, Sarah Lahm, noted:

It’s kind of slimy that an out-of-state group funded by billionaires would sneak into MN and try to claim that “teacher tenure” is the main crisis in education, here. Don’t they know that most MN districts are struggling to find and keep teachers? Of course it is a MinnCAN board member, Lew Remele, whose law firm is carrying this lawsuit, locally.

The way Minnesota’s corporate media has been framing its coverage, that I’ve seen – basically, “brave parents stand up to awful, evil teachers” – is every bit as despicable as the lawsuit itself.

It so happens that the lawsuit that this was loosely modeled on, Vergara v. State of California, was power-slammed on appeal last Thursday, the very same day that the Minnesota suit was filed. There is indeed something very fitting about that, and hopefully copious tears of agonized distress were shed, but it won’t end things here. Them wingnuts don’t ever learn.

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