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We need to talk about guns

by The Big E on December 15, 2012 · 2 comments

How do you have that tough conversation with an ageing parent about end of life care? How do you have that tough conversation with your teenager about sex? How do you have that tough conversation with someone who is addicted to drugs and/or alchohol?

How did Minnesota begin to have a conversation about marriage equality?

How is the United States ever going to have a conversation about guns? If Fox News, the Republicans and the NRA have their way the answer is never. Instead it will always be:

  • Too soon
  • wrong venue
  • you’re politicizing a tragedy
  • you’re not the right person
  • you’re not Ted Nugent
  • Squirrel!
  • In Minnesota, Republicans put an Anti-Marriage amendment on the ballot. We Minnesotans who want marriage equality used this as an opportunity to talk about love and commitment and what marriage means to us. Those thousands upon thousands of conversations played a large part in defeating the amendment.

    My Mom turned 70 last summer. In our family, we die in our 90s unless you smoke. Smokers in my family die in their mid-80s. We tend to acquire increasing numbers of minor afflictions that cause us to suffer. What I’m trying to say is that my Mom’s got 20+ years left, but we had that conversation about how we’re all going to prepare for the end.

    When I was 12 or 13, my Mom had that tough conversation about sex with me.

    With addiction, there is usually a tipping point. A point at which the family can no longer live with the addict/alcoholic. Once past the tipping point, the family has that tough conversation with the addict/alcoholic and lays out the consequences. If the addict/alcoholic ever has a chance, he/she is going to need to look at the reality of how bad their life has become.

    What’s the tipping point on gun violence?

    Was it the shootings at Virginia Tech? Nope. The opening of Dark Knight Rises? Nope. Yet another innocent child maimed/killed by a stray bullet?

    When is aggressively not wanting to talk about guns politicizing it all? When is not wanting to have a discussion on guns like the addict/alchoholic who does everything possible to distract from the real issue?

    NSFW: Language, f bomb

    Will America ever have that moment of clarity about guns and decide to do something?

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