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What next for the Farm Bill?

by Dan Burns on May 22, 2018

Manure_spreader_Record_2Much as I loathe linking the Washington Examiner, it’s the only source that came up right away just now that had anything directly addressing that question.

Democrats voted in unison against the bill because they opposed increased work requirements for food stamps that were included in the measure. A group of conservatives also voted no, but their opposition had nothing to do with the legislation. They want the House to bring a passable immigration reform bill to the House floor, which is something that has eluded the House GOP for years.
Without support from Democrats and the faction of conservatives, the farm bill is stuck in limbo, at least for now and perhaps until the fall, if the floor schedule gets jammed with spending bills in the coming weeks, as it typically does this time of year.
The current farm bill does not expire until Sept. 30, which gives lawmakers months to find a path to pass the bill.
“What we can do now is take the next days, weeks, month, and really work with moderates to find a solution we can pass,” an aide to a GOP conservative negotiating on immigration told the Washington Examiner.
(Washington Examiner)

A couple of points:
– A big reason that right-wingers are pushing “work requirements” (for non-whites, anyway) for support programs like SNAP is to try to flood the job market with desperate low-wage workers, and therefore undercut any kind of upward pressure on wages overall. This point is rarely made in corporate media.
Here is an interesting piece on the political history of farm bills. It misses, though, that rural, mostly white, heavily right-wing areas are now most dependent on SNAP and other benefits.

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