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When I met Martin Luther King Jr.

by JeffStrate on February 12, 2013

We hear no references to Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr at the Minnesota State Capitol, Washington D.C. or on mainstream news outlets during the gun control debates.

This is not good.

I met Dr. King once during a Lutheran youth convention in 1961 in Miami Beach.  I was among a small group of Edina Community Lutheran Church Luther Leaguers who boarded a charter train and rode the rails from Minnesota to Florida for that convention.  John Kennedy had been president for a little more than half a year, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to fly in space, Fidel Castro’s troops had crushed a U.S. backed paramilitary invasion at Bay of Pigs, Cuba and Minnesota welcomed major league baseball at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington.

I began thinking about that trip and of a meeting with Dr. King a few weeks back.  My memory was sparked by hearing a speech and then talking with Dr. Josie Johnson at the Hopkins Center for the Arts at an event set up by DFL Senate District 46. Dr. Johnson is a nationally recognized elder of a number of Minnesota civil rights initiatives.   I’ve written some thoughts down about that meeting with Dr. King and the much more recent meeting with Dr. Johnson, and a few of the events of my life that string the two encounters together.  Minnesota Daily Planet.  Here’s the link –…

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