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Craig Cobb, White Supremacist from Leith, ND is a Trump supporter

by Dog Gone on April 11, 2016

In the 2016 election cycle, no surprise, given the pandering to white supremacists by Donald Drumpf and his family, Craig Cobb is a supporter. It’s not only David Duke, but largely Trump has been left off the hook for this segment of political support.  Last October Nightline did an interview with Cobb that underlines why some see a connection to Nazi-style fascism and the rallies and proposed policies of Donald Drumpf /Trump.  (In prior election cycles, it was Ron Paul who arguably most pandered to this demographic on the right.)


Cobb is delusional if he thinks the problems people have with him are in any way discriminatory or contrary to his first amendment rights.  It is a sadly conservative phenomenon when those who attempt to victimize others then claim THEY are the victims when it doesn’t go well.  It is endemic among conservatives.  The problem in Leith was a minority attempting to terrorize the majority.  An example of Cobb in action was this call to Nightline producers.


Trump-Loving Racist Craig Cobb Repeatedly Calls Nightline Anchor Byron Pitts N-Word During Interview
While recently doing a story about known White Supremacist Craig Cobb, ABC producer Jasmine Brown and anchor Byron Pitts were subject to hateful tirades and now the story has been brought to life through a produced video by timesXtwo…
“He is very much in love with Donald Trump,” adds Brown. She continues to describe a line of Cobb’s saying, “I would
almost rather talk to a Jew, because then at least they would be


The final closing of the book on the attempted white supremacist takeover by Craig Cobb in the tiny town of Leith, North Dakota took place a little over a week ago, just as TPT was running the documentary of the takeover on public television.


It is worth watching the independent documentary “Welcome to Leith,” here.


From KVRR:

North Dakota Officials Close Craig Cobb Investigation
State officials have closed their investigation into ten human rights complaints filed by white supremacist Craig Cobb. Cobb alleged discrimination because of his white supremacy religious views.
The Department of Labor and Human Rights rejected all of the complaints, including one Cobb filed against Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, who’s running for governor.

Cobb and one of his crazy side-kicks, an Ichabod Crane lookalike named Kynan Dutton, were arrested and spent some time in jail for terrorizing the town of Leith before making a plea deal that set them free.


Had Cobb and his confederates been smarter and had more money, they might have pulled off their town takeover.  This kind of neo-Nazi intimidation is not a smart way to try to take over a town; you can count on push back.  Meet your not-so-friendly neighborly Trump supporters, and those with whom they choose to associate under the 1A.

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