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Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump?

by Dan Burns on November 6, 2016 · 2 comments

trump6I’ve seen that question posed a lot, especially after it became clear that the race wouldn’t automatically be a 40-point blowout.
A great many Trump supporters are not like the lads in the picture. In fact, for the most part you’d have no idea that they’re right-wingnuts, based on ordinary interaction. They’re competent, and often considerably better than just “competent,” as parents, as spouses, at their jobs, and at being contributing members of the community. So you can’t just label them as a group as hopeless idiots, even though that is certainly what they’re being when they vote.
There is no simple, comprehensive answer. It’s all about the ultimate bane of human existence, motivated reasoning (I’m no longer just talking about right-wingers; I’m still a motivated reasoner, myself, far too often), and like everything about human psychology it’s messy and complicated, and when it’s not right (that is, produces bad real-world results, like wars) it’s not easy to fix. If there was a way to get people in general consistently away from motivated reasoning and consistently into rational, scientific thinking, the world would be a lot better place. (Yes, with the latter there is still plenty of room for emotion and desire and dreams and all that. I’m not talking about trying to turn Earth into Vulcan, here.) But, obviously, no one has yet devised such a way.

Image: Boston Globe
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From Mike Kiepe: Another Trump rant article? Really? We can’t get enough Trump on mainstream media? We have to read about it here? Really?
From Dan Burns: Dude. It happens to be extremely relevant to our lives right now, like it or not.

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